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Other Services include: Visiting Behavioural Consultations: Puppy Class: Obedience Refresher : Residential training in house: Pet Sitting: Dog Walking: Visiting animals holiday cover:

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Behavioural help - a look at what is on offer

Canine behaviour issues range from common complaints like running off or pulling out of control, jumping up to much more complex issues that can threaten the dog’s chance of staying in the home. Aggression is quite often involved, in one form or another. The dog’s eyes, breathing rate, bite control and body orientation can tell us if the behaviour is fear based or for some other reason eg learned. Using a holistic approach we identify and desensitise triggers. Perceived separation anxiety could be just boredom but it needs analysing and treating correctly accordingly. Multi dog houses needing help with new or resident dogs should apply for that help immediately, before the problem grows and becomes unmanageable. Dogs that have reverted back to soiling sometimes even lose their homes but this can be re taught.

Causes and ‘cures’ for any behaviour problems abound but advice should be carefully sought and analysed before implementing so as not to intensify the problem. There are dog listeners, dog trainers, ex police handlers, dog whisperers etc. who all have their own methods. Dog training and behaviour modification is at present a diverse field of opinion. If what you are doing is not working – stop doing it even if you were told by an ‘expert’.

Rescue dogs often come with some issues that brought them to rescue and here at Animal Action, at the rescue department we encounter some of the harder cases where people have given up therefore no longer want their former best friend. Our approach is to give basic training and confidence to the dog. Change needs to happen fairly fast, and our holistic approach has been developed, over time to bring kindness and peace, through obedience, to the animals in our care. We pass these methods on to the public.


What is Tellington Touch? How is it used as a therapy?

T Touch was developed by international expert horse trainer Linda Tellington-Jones, (based in the States) to modify and re-educate the nervous system. These simple and easily leaned methods excelerate learning and transform unwanted behaviours by developing trust and creating a harmonious relationship, and by removing past stresses. The physical and emotional well-being of our dogs and cats in fact all animals including exotic animals benefit when taken through various body movements (ground work) andparticular gentle touches to the body, head or tail. Fortunately it is quite quick and easy to learn. T Touch is now being used in over 30 countries with amazing results.

What are the Bach Flowers?

These essences are taken by mouth twice a day (put in the drinking water) for a period of 3 weeks (although often not needed after a week or two weeks.) A second mix is occasionally needed as different underlying emotions emerge. Animals are often purer than humans in their constitution, not having had so many medications and chemicals and so these essences are often quite profound in moving the emotions to a stable state. There are 32 essences covering the range of emotions felt by any sentient being. By mixing several (max 7) a true picture of the feelings become evident and dealt with.

Telephone consultations

Bach Therapy consultations for any animal (see cat consultation) can be arranged over the telephone for a charge of £25 in advance, lasting about 30 mins, then a personal mix bottle to be posted out. Call 01277 634 406.

Case study (T Touch used here to very good effect)

Client: Mrs Wardlin

Animal: Cocker Spaniel Puppy about 12 weeks

History: “Molly” never used to sleep in the day while her owner was present, that is, she was always noisily on the go and from one scrape to the next and Mrs Wardlin was in hot pursuit, getting nipped and scratched and definitely at her wits end. Animal Action were called for the Early Learning Puppy Foundation Session. During the session Molly’s carer was shown the body strokes and Molly was also given a small wrap to wear for a few minutes at a time. Molly went straight off to her bed and lay down to rest. Highly irregular. Among all the useful things Molly’s mum learned during that session, she said this was the best and most important for her and she reported that Molly was ‘helped’ in this way whenever she was a little over excited and hyperactive. But these episodes became less and less until very shortly Molly didn’t need this help. But Molly would still come and ask for these sessions, she loved it so much (as do nearly all animals) and Mrs Wardlin has these at her fingertips (literally) now for the rest of her life, whenever needed e.g. visitors, at the vet, in the park etc.

Case study

Client: T Childs        

Animal: Jack Russell terrier aged 1year 10 months

History: “Coco” was a rescue terrier, who was perfectly willing to give a sound bite, if required and was very ‘terrier excitable’. Coco lived in a, quite noisy atmosphere and tended to over react to activities going on around her. After an assessment of needs the family were given ideas of things to do with Coco to stimulate but satisfy, so she slept better particularly when there were exciteable things going on around her. They were also given behavioural strategies for the nipping and OTT excitability. Among these was the T Touch calming band which he was to wear when things became unbearable for her and when they did not feel crating was the answer. T Touch body moves were shown and she was taught a ground work exercise (to increase confidence and also build the relationship). Coco needed a couple of visits but is now a much more mature, calmer and reportedly a very pleasant natured dog. The family find the T Touch one of the best things they learned. They say they can all do it, children too, as it is simple and THEY enjoy doing it. Visitors are still difficult for Coco but the calming band is put on her and she calms down immediately. In fact, it is usually put on, before they arrive.

For further case studies using T Touch and Bach Flowers, please click here.

Behavioural visits (at home)

2 hours and 15 mins approx

Cost £74 (travel extra if a distance of 8 miles plus - 30p per mile)

The consultation consists of a behavioural assessment of needs and plan of action, to achieve the changes required. If Bach Essences or T Touch is felt to be beneficial, to speed and ease the rehabilitation, this will also be advised at no extra cost. (There is a small charge for the bottle or the wraps used.)

More Case Studies

Client: Mrs & Mr Cox

Animal: Rottweiler x Mastiff aged 2yrs 6months

History: Tyke had never been a very obedient dog indoors, although he did well in dog school. His owners had had many large dogs before but Tyke is a large male who definitely had lost the required respect for his owners, which would be necessary for such a large dog to remain in the house. He was also now getting aggressive with visitors and dogs outside. (He lived happily with a Yorkshire terrier). Tyke being such a large dog, was definitely demanding respect and the attempted, pulling and pushing by his owners, to get him to behave was a not helping, he was hard mouthing, refusing to move and was growing more menacing around the kitchen area (where fed). Tyke was suffering with both ‘location guarding’ and ‘resource guarding’ and as mentioned, aggression outdoors with dogs. There are a set of excercises to deal with both of the guarding type problems and these were, of necessity, started at a very ‘easy’ level and built upon. The dog – dog aggression proved to be fear based and took several visits and outdoor ground work, (TTouch) until they could be 4 yards from a dog. At this point the family were left on their own with continued telephone back up……….and the programme continues with growing confidence on both sides.

 Client: Mr & Mrs Huelumo

Animal: Fino Male German Sheperd, aged 4 years

History: Brought back to health after being rescued and all vet treatment completed, “Fino” was unexplainably still limping …and anxious, and sometimes very bad tempered-refusing to co-operate yet lacking confidence. Behavioural tecniques were demonstrated and the best, for Fino were chosen, a personalised Bach Flower mixture bottle was made up containing: Chestnut Bud;Elm;Star Bethlehem;Willow; and Gorse. This was a 3 week course of Bach Floweres in one bottle and Fino quickly lost his (as it turned out to be,) lack confidence limp and was very much more co-operating and confident by the second week. When Mrs Huelumo forgot to give the remedy after two and a half weeks Fino didn’t need any more. This is often the way with the remedies, they are needed until forgotten. The behaviour changes imperceptably and suddenly it is realised that the remedy has not been given for a couple of days and is not now needed. Fino was such a case and had had quite a dramatic speedy change, considering he was in such a state emotionally when first seen.

Feline Behavioural Consultation (Bach flowers used)

Client: Miss Rachel Birch

Animal: Female Tabby cat, aged 8yrs

History: “Misty” we were told ‘hated’ and was aggressive to the new kitten. She was also soiling her mistresses’ duvet, lost the will to play or eat and was also getting increasingly aggressive and sulky towards her owner (attacking her legs and hands and chasing and sinking in teeth and claws, plus ignoring her when called and descibed as depressed). This had been going on for about 28 days when help was sought. Behavioural advise, included change of feed and toilet habits and locations and a personalised bottle of Bach Essences were mixed and posted off. A detailed case having been taken and the bottle contained, Willow;Holly;Mimulus;Gentian; and Sceleranthus. Peace soon returned to the home and new kitten was allowed to play with Misty after 5 days. (Cats generally respond dramatically and speedily to Bach due to their sensitive nature.)

Continuing development courses and single day courses (funds to help rescue animals)

Normally costs are: One-on-one sessions at £65 for 2 hours of private general training - helpful if you cannot get to classes through work commitments etc. or need extra attention to leash walking/recall or similar (excluding aggression, or other serious issues which cost a little more). These can be taken as one hour a week for 2 weeks or a single intensive session.

Classes are all £60 for 50 mins (paid in advance) for 6 classes, just one missed class can be carried over.

Workshops are £40 per person for 3 hour 30 min session (morning or afternoon)

Travel excesses may be charged over 8 miles at 30p per mile for home visits.

What you get:

The emphasis is on individual care and attention. Learning takes place in the home and in and about town, coping with distraction while keeping calm and learning sit/down/stay/a strong recall/loose leash walking. Individual needs can be discussed. Positive reinforcement which is at the end of the course - owners are invited in to observe first hand, learn and implement under supervision before taking their dog home. We keep you informed all the way on progress. You then have continued access to help for the lifetime of your dog. Dietary requirements will be held to and advised if a problem becomes apparent. Socialising will take place if appropriate. (Dogs can have a free assessment for suitability and can be picked up for an added fee.)

An alternative to residential is 10 days intensive: the dog is collected daily from your home for 4 hours a day 5 days a week of intensive training, covering the above residential training, or as desired. The cost of this is £445. Individual requirements discussed. Deposit of £100 payable on booking and not refundable up to 21 days before start date, (this applies to both types).

Other services supplied:

Dogs will be picked up from their home and walked with 2 others or alone if required. They will be walked and run for 50 mins and returned home. Off leash available, if tested and requested. They will be walked in a variety of locations fields and woods, areas of adventure for dogs, with a qualified trainer who will supervise the walk. They will return home tired and happy. Training can be booked as an extra if arranged (spaces permitting). Please endeavour to book early.

Animal Action will visit and give individual attention to any household small pets as well as horses, covering holidays or the occasional day out. Visits to the vet are also bookable. Vet medication can also be administered as required.

Other Services include: Puppy Foundation Course, Visiting Behavioural Consultations, Puppy Social Class, Follow on Obedience advanced level, Obedience Refresher (older dogs), Residential training, Outdoor Recall and Heel Work, Pet Sitting, Dog/Puppy Walking, Visiting animal holiday cover for all animals, Vet visits, Nutrition for Overweight Dogs. Soon to come: Doggy day care (with extras), please call for advice.

Training Aids

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