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About Lu Scott

She taught Dog Training since 1979, on and off, training with the German Shepherd working trials, achieving many personal successes with Sheba, a GSD from Battersea Dogs Home.

Before that in 1970 some early years in Spain with her musician husband, provided early learning on stray animals - problems they present. This came by way of an English lady living outside of Madrid and running a mini shelter and makeshift hospital for strays.

The next GSD was Sheba an eight month old from Battersea Dogs Home. She was an amazing learner, and the  opposite of Bongo. She won everything she entered and was a faithful friend. Sheba was definitely the tutor! And Lu the student!

Soon followed  Zimba, another GSD, daughter of Crufts Overall Obedience Champion 1990. She went on to win many classes with Zimba. Soon after a sad occurrence presented, with one of her pack, attacking, out of jealousy and causing the untimely death of one of her own pack. Realising she did not know enough about dog behaviour apart from general training of dogs and the easy winning of cups, Lu was confused and devastated.

So from the year 2000, Lu went on, for 3 years, to study animal behaviour and also to attend dog behaviour seminars all over the country, learning from a wide variety of well known names eg Ian Dunbar, John Fisher, Nina Bodorenko, Sheila Harper and numerous others.

This eclectic approach led to qualifying later also in; her lifelong interest of alternative therapies now to be used with animals for example the Bach Flower remedies for emotional balance as well as homeopathy and the invaluable TTouch with the wonderful Robin Hood from Canada.

Back here in England in 1975 and two children later, came Bongo a crazy GSD pup, FROM A PET SHOP WINDOW, joining the family. And so, along with Bongo came, first hand experience of the efficacy and of the importance of careful breeding and of the need of positive early learning experiences of pups. But also the costly mistake of purchasing from PUPPY FARM situations (such as pet shop pups).  Years of work ensued.

For the last 10 years she has run behavioural classes but now concentrates on one to one visits to her clients, because at the same time, she is fostering, rehabilitating around 5 rescue dogs at any one time, in her home, together with her own 2 rescue dogs.

Please see Puppy Foundation page, and the benefit of catching pup at this crucial socialisation (window of opportunity) stage which will never again be repeated in pup's entire life, if missed out on.

Lu also helps out when requested,at a CAT and HORSE rescue centre using her Bach and homeopathic remedies - also TTouch techniques, with sometimes near magic results.

Lu is a member of the Institute for Animal Care Education.